Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Ezekial Option

The author of The Ezekial Option, Joel Rosenberg, gave a presentation on Russia, Iran, and the Nuclear Bomb. In his presentation he covered 4 major options for the Bush administration to react to the threat of Iran creating nuclear weapons; diplomacy, democracy (overthrow regime and insert democratic government), do nothing and accept that Iran will get the bombs, or direct military action.

Out of all those the use of diplomacy seems the best to me. The problem is that we have been using diplomacy with them from the beginning, and they still won't listen. One of the factors of their being bold is that they have Russian support, after all it is Russia that is selling nuclear technology to the Iranians.

If that doesn't work I think we should sit back and let them do there thing. The public wouldn't be too happy if we found ourselves getting involved in overthrowing yet another regime.


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