Wednesday, July 13, 2005

China and Unocal

I would have thought the issue of China and Unocal would be dying down a bit by now, but instead teh issue continues to grow larger and larger. The House just had a hearing to discuss the issue. Surprisingly most of the people there were against China buying the oil company.

Here are a few of the key points mentioned;
-Even if not now, at some point these actions by China could be used strategically against us.
-If you assume a perfect market then China buying Unocal is completely safe. But we don't have that assurance.
-Oil can be used as a tool of war to interfere with another countries economy.
-China seems to have a history of obtaining resources (including technology) to further their own military and use as leverage against other countries.
-The nature of the Chinese goverment is not trustworthy.

All these factors combined leads me to believe there is no way we should let the Chinese government buy Unocal. They accuse the US government for interfering in business affairs and interfering with the free market. Let's be realistic here - the Chinese government wouldn't let the US government come close to a Chinese owned company half as important as Unocal. At this rate China won't even have to fight a war against us with guns, they'll already own us. You know there's a problem when much of the US Defense is being supplied by factories in China. Let's keep American owned companies in the hands of Americans.


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