Friday, July 08, 2005

China in Space

The more of these events I attend the more I realize that speakers that actually sound interested in their topic tend to draw in the interest of the crowd. The first panel of speakers did pretty well at keeping the crowd engaged, while the second panel sounded bored of their subject and thus made the crowd bored and put not a few to sleep. The only thing that helped me stay awake was looking every once in a while at the crowd to count how many were sleeping.
The first panel spoke not so much about China in space, but about China's military modernization, and that it was an imminent and scary thing. They are developing new models of almost every mechanized thing in their military. One great stride that they are making is creating space-based military devices.

One of the main things I got out of the second panel was that space-based weaponry has not yet been used. As of now the US is way ahead of China when it comes to satellites in space, etc., but China has great potential to catch up with the US. It's not that the US doesn't have the funding to develop space tech and military tech as fast as China, it's that those in the Pentagon squander the money on other things than developing our military defences.

What do I think of this? I think the US needs to get a grip and realize that China is a real threat, and if we support Taiwan like we promised we would, there could be problems with China much earlier than most think.


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