Friday, July 22, 2005

Columbia's International Relations and Domestic Challenges

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FARC Guerillas Gathered

The first thing I found so amazing was the history of Columbia in the last 20 years. Thanks to our reliable American media I had no idea they were going through so many rapid changes. I am shocked that our media doesn't cover the events in Columbia because, as I discovered, much of what happens in that country affects our own country. Columbia exports more cocaine into the US than any other country, making that country a huge factor in the fight against drugs. The Columbian government can't be blamed for this sort of thing, though, because they are trying to fix it. The US can take a lot of the blame for not giving the Columbian government the proper aid to fix the problem more readily.

The organizations that are involved with drug trade are many of the paramilitary groups in Columbia - they get their money from drug trade. Recently the government has been opening up dialogue with these guerilla groups to find some sort of compromise. So far one of the largest paramilitary groups, the AUC (Autodefensas Unidas de Columbia) declared a cease-fire and a demobilization of their troops after much debate and bloodshed within the faction. In the 60s the function of this paramilitary group was to defeat guerilla groups that had been in Columbia since the 60s and to defend civilians, but in the 80s they were corrupted and became a guerilla-like organization itself.

Now the Columbian government is offering the same deal of compromise to other factions, such as FARC, who as of yet have not decided to take the compromise.

In Conclusion, Columbia has a lot ahead of them, but they are currently on the right track. The peace process would be realized more rapidly if the United States took more interest in Columbian affairs and seeing it from the Columbian governments point of view (the correct view) rather than our own point of view.


Blogger Kelly Jo said...

"The US can take a lot of the blame for not giving the Columbian government the proper aid to fix the problem more readily"

I'm a little unclear about how you think the US gov. should help this issue in another country. Why is it more than just a domestic problem? It seems that we should have tighter import regulations or coast patrol, depending on how the drug trade lands on American soil, but are you suggesting that we need to do something in Columbia too?

9:37 AM  
Blogger The Fonz said...

What do you think is better; fixing the problem when and where we see it or fixing the problem by digging down to its very roots?

Drug trafficers are already experts at evading the authorities. Have you ever seen those large freighters with 1,000s of cargo units stacked on each other? Imagine how many tons of drugs just 1 of those thousand units could hold. Literally hundreds of these freighters from Latin America come to dozens of US ports all along the coast each day. Not even the entire enlisted Coast Guard could keep up with that. It is simple impractical.

And that's just one of the many ways they bring drugs to the US. It's similar to radical Islam - the only way you can defeat it is to strike at it at its core.

The Columbian government would welcome military aid from the United States to erradicate the drug-trafficing problem. In order to help our closest ally in South America and eliminate the main source of cocaine in the US I definately suggest we get some troops in Columbia.

10:39 AM  
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