Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The London Attacks

The bleak scenes from the attacks on London bring back memories of the frightening events of 9/11, though on a much smaller scale. Whether or not the attacks are linked to Al-Qaeda, how will the citizens of the UK react to these attacks on their people? Will there be a massive resurgence of patriotism like the US saw?

It's my opinion that we will not see the same result from these terrorist attacks. England is already fighting a war that the majority of Brits no longer want to be involved in. Sure many people will become more enthusiastic about the war, but I believe the people of the UK will want to take a step backwards like Spain. I think most of them believe that by not being involved in the War on Terror, terrorists will focus their efforts on countries who are involved. If the people of UK take this stance, though, then the terrorists will have won. Indeed, I think the terrorists will be more emboldened, seeing that they have the power to sway a country. If these are Muslim terrorists, though, I sincerely believe we will see more attacks like this in the future, whether or not UK pulls out it's troops. Suicidal "martyrdom" is part of a way of life for Muslims, and it's not something they are going to just discard.

Still, this event will encourage the UK to seek better national security. In many ways, then, this event will prevent further attacks on UK soil, even if it takes the troops out of Iraq. I would certainly like to see Blair stand fast as Bush has, but I'm not sure that he's going to.


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