Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Touring the Pentagon

Even though it's nothing but a tour of a giant office building, it was still pretty awesome. The part that I enjoyed the best was when we went down a long hallway with quilts and stuff people had made in memory of 9/11. There was one quilt in particular that stuck out in my mind. In the foreground was the American Flag, and in the background stood the outline of the pentagon from the air (in quiltish style of course). But there was something strange about the Pentagon in the quilt, instead of 5 sides it had 8. Unfortunately for the artist the building is not named the Octagon. To her credit, though, it was still a pretty quilt.

At the end of the quilted hallway there was a small memorial with a chapel where the plane had crashed into the Pentagon. The tour guide (a Navy soldier who got stuck doing tours (I'll bet that's not what he signed on for)) mentioned something I found very intruging. You'll see on the Washington Monument that there are different colored bricks, which is because the stone was taken from a number of different quaries (though the stone is the same type). In order to completely cover up the scars of the plane hitting the Pentagon the same stone would have to be taken from the same quarry that was used to build the Pentagon. Under Executive Order by President Bush this quarry, which had been long closed, was reopened in order to quarry the stone and cover up the scars of the plane.


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